Spirometer accessories for lung function treatments

Bacterial, viral filter with integrated mouthpiece

  • All lung function measurements have to be done in accordance to the hygiene guidelines as the respiratory air contaminated parts have to be disinfected or bacterial-/viral filters have to be used.
  • The bacterial filter P/N SPI 30024 are eliminating the risk of infection by bacterias, viruses or fungi.
  • Prevention of cross-infection.
  • 99,999 % efficiency
  • Low dead space of only 75ml.
  • Resistance 60 Pa/l/s @ 12 l/s.
  • Mouthpiece integrated into the bacterial filter
Bacterial filter with integrated mouthpiece (1 pack = 50 pcs) ………. P/N: SPI-30024

For hygiene reasons, the filter bacteria are “disposables” (MDD (Medical Device Directive)).

Nose clip

  • Reusable nose clip
  • Flexible and ergonomic
Nose clip (1 pack = 20 pcs) ………. P/N: SPI-20014