VIDEOCOP COMBI medical galavanic amplifier

VIDEOCOP COMBI Video Interface Adapter

In accordance to the directives of the MDD (Medical Device Law) and conform to the essential requirements of the MDD 93/42 EEC the VIDEOCOP COMBI medical galvanic isolation amplifier is designed for galvanic isolation of composite signals of a medical imaging device (e.g. Ultrasonic device) and a nonmedical device like image archiving and data procressing systems or monitors (e.g. PC, VCR, PACS). The VIDEOCOP COMBI is approved in accordance to the MDD 93/42 EEC
directives. Nonmedical devices can be operated in combination with medical devices by use of the VIDEOCOP COMBI.

This device is CE marked and in accordance tot he MDD 93/42/EEC. The EC-Declaratation of Conformity is available on request

  • Chinch- und BNC-Connector for VHS
  • Hosiden-Connectors for S-Video
  • Galvanic isolation between Video input and Video output
  • Amplification oft he input signal
  • Switchable input terminal resistor (for improval of signal quality) for long cable distances
  • Power supply integrated into device

VIDEOCOP S-Video SVHS / VHS – Kombigerät

Technical Data: VIDEOCOP S-Video SVHS / VHS Combi device
Video input Cinch connector
BNC connector
Hosiden connector
Video output Cinch connector (galvanic isolated)
BNC connector (galvanic isolated)
Hosiden connector (galvanic isolated)
Input terminal resistor (signal quality improval) Switchable ON/OFF
Resistor Video input 75 Ohm or open
Resistor Video output 75 Ohm
Creeping distance 8 mm
Insulation voltage 4000V
Operation mode view Power-LED
Power connector Euro connector
Voltage 230V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption max. 10VA 10VA
Weight 1kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 175 x 107 x 48 mm


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