defiMASTER Defibrillator – professional biphasic Defibrillator


The defiMASTER defibrillator is designed for the real everyday life in emergency medicine. Sophisticated simple design, robust for the hard and demanding work in ambulatory emergency medicine on site. Yet just as intuitive to use and ideal for use on hospital wards. The combination of a biphasic defibrillator and the possibility of full monitoring and the possibility of a complete monitoring facilitate the important and often fast work on the patient enormously. The defiMASTER is the extension to the existing defibrillator line ME PAD semi and ME PAD auto.

Whether with an included, hard-wearing case somewhere in the middle of nowhere or always at a fixed location in a hospital ward. Thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the defiMASTER is a reliable partner for longer periods away from the mains. Always right in the middle of the action. The working time per battery is up to 5 hours. This time can be increased by an optional second battery, this time can be increased by a significant amount. Thanks to its extensive and intelligently assembled accessories, the defiMASTER is also a fully usable monitoring device with the possibility of a 12-channel ECG (Glasgow Algorythm), including non-invasive blood tests and including non-invasive blood pressure measurement.

Easy to understand design, the intelligent arrangement of the control buttons and the consequently thought-out color system, make the defiMASTER a fully-fledged defibrillator and monitoring device. Quick to understand function buttons, large screen, easy-to-reach printer, and the systemic design of the complete interface – the defiMASTER provides valuable services as a compact rescue module unit when time is scarce and rescue personnel have more important things to worry about than making sure they have pressed the right button every time they operate the unit.


Whether external paddles or internal handles with integrated paddles the defiMASTER is equipped for any situation. With multifunctional electrodes, it can also be used as a semi-automatic AED. Due to the rear the defiMASTER can be placed effortlessly on various round or square tubes. tubes. The well thought-out and generous layout of the connections on both sides also facilitates the quick commissioning or the flexible replacement of individual components. Due to the generous trend memory (internal memory and SD card), several hundred data can be stored and evaluated.


  • Biphasic defibrillation, pacing and full
  • monitoring in one portable device
  •  Multifunctional defibrillator/monitor
  •  Manual and AED mode
  •  Non-invasive pacing mode
  •  Advanced biphasic technology
  •  Defibrillation with paddles
  •  Internal defibrillation with internal paddles
  •  12-lead ECG monitoring
  •  Dual battery (optional)