Most modern microelectronics combined with cardiologically validated Software the CARDIAX PC-ECG is the ideal device to generate a high quality 12 channel ECG. CARDIAX is consistently adjusted to the requirements of modern PC technology.

Operating modes:


  • Resting ECG
  • Stress test
  • SpO2 (Oxygen saturation)
  • Ergospirometry

This is a product from our DDC digital Diagnostic Center program!

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Cardio E3

The CARDIO E3 is a 3-Channel ECG with built in rechargeable battery and touch screen.

  • Cardio E3

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Cardio M series

Cardio M series meets highest demands according to accuracy and capability in the heart and lung diagnosis. Low-priced Multi-Channel, lightweight , compact and reliable ECG-devices. Inclusive all accessories and short interpretation

  • Cardios M
  • Cardio M Plus

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Emergency ECG and ECG Monitor

The emergency ECG is a portable, rechargeable battery or battery powered ECG monitor.

  • Small size single channel ECG Monitor
  • Fast ECG results

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