PhysioPort Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor system

Visiting a doctor’s practice can sometimes cause mental stress, in some cases causing the patient’s blood pressure to increase. Or you need exact data during the day and night rhythm. Thes pecial developed oscillometric measuring method of PhysioQuant eliminates the Artifact interferences and stands for precise patient data up to 48 hours or up to 400 measurements. You can chose between different measuring programs for day and night.
Product features
  • Comfortable in Application
  • The PhysioPort is small designed with light weight
  • Fitting perfectly to the patient’s compliance
  • Calm operation and ergonomically designred system, low noise mode during day and night hours
  • Easy operation and fast set up routine
  • Intuitive to handle PhysioPort-Windows® Software with effective analysis and documentation
  • Optionally available: PhysioPort DUO, the ABPM system with integrated measurement of Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

  • Large-scaled graphics and analytical functions are offered by the PhysioPort Windows® documentation software. Optimal data processing guarantees fast evaluation of the results, reliable diagnosis andtherapy control.
  • Beside the curve diagrams for Systole, Diastole and Heart rate (HR), all measured values and results canbe indicated alphanumerically in table form.
  • The USB interface connection ensures fast installation of the system and integration into electronic data processing systems within the medical environment.

PhysioQuant Screenshots
Technical data:
Measuring methodOscillometric & inflationary
Measuring time30 - 45 s
Data retentionunlimited
Measurement-Interval2 – 90 min, programmable
Capacity 400 measurements or 48 hrs
Measuring range
Systolic60 - 260 mmHg
Diastolic40 - 220 mmHg
Heart rate (HR)35 - 240 beats per minute
SizeDifferent sizes available
Max. cuff pressure300 mmHg
Patient-DisplayLCD (measuring results, error codes)
Control panelStart / Stop, Day / Night, Info
PC-ConnectionUSB Interface
Power supply2 size AA alkaline batteries or
2 size AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
Dimensions (H x W x D)99 x 80 x 27 mm
Weight214 g (with batteries)

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