Most modern microelectronics combined with cardiologically validated Software the CARDIAX PC-ECG is the ideal device to generate a high quality 12 channel ECG. CARDIAX is consistently adjusted to the requirements of modern PC technology.
The integrated USB connection for data communication and current supply or the Wireless connection of the WiFi version allows an additional mobile laptop use.
Patient data base and Software interfaces e.g. EXCEL and HL-7 for the Hospital EDP are just as natural as the unproblematic integration into existing network environments.
CARDIAX is FDA approved.

  • Simple, user friendly software with multiple functions
  • 12-Cannel, Frank, Nehb
  • ECG Monitoring
  • Interval / continuous ECG storage
  • ECG presentation / ECG comparison
  • Measurement / Interpretation
  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • 2D/3D ECG-Vector
  • Emergency ECG function
  • ECG Report transfer via Internet
  • GDT / HL7 - Interface

Cardiax Hardware

  • USB communication with PC
  • Power supply via the USB port
  • Small, lightweight and durable housing
CARDIAX WiFi version
  • In wireless mode:
    • Wireless communication with PC
    • Power supply via built-in LiPoly battery
  • In USB mode:
    • USB communication with PC
    • Power supply via the USB port
    • Built-in LiPoly battery is charging
  • Small, lightweight and durable housing

CARDIAX Software Options
  • Network
    • Use of Cardiax Software in the Network. View on all computers in the Network of stored reports.
  • Stress test
    • Activation of the Cardiax-Software for stress test. Software for management of ERGOLINE, ERGOSANA, ERGOFIT, ELMED, SECA and other ergometers including continuous documentation.
  • Online-ECG
    • Activation of the Cardiax-Software for the online function to show the ECG, blood pressure, workloud and time during stress test in the network.

ECG Monitoring
Up to 12 free selectable leads can be documented on the monitor at the same time. By pressing a key a complete resting ECG can be stored. Amplitude and speed of the ECG are adjustable.

2D/3D ECG vector
For special cardiological questions the ECG can be documented as 2D or 3D vector by using the FRANK leads. Perspective and mode of enlargement can be selected variable.

ECG documentation / ECG comparison
The stored ECG can be called from the data base together with the analysed QRS complexes n any time. The comparison of up to 6 ECGs of one patient permits an efficient therapy control directly at the screen.

Stress test
The complete stress test with heart frequency, blood pressure values and complete 12 channel ST measurement can be called tabular and graphically. The integrated 3D ECG documentation additionally indicates the variations within each ECG lead.

Heart rate variability (HRV)
The heart rate variability is calculated at the resting ECG from a continuous ECG storage of 2 minutes and at an stress test after 2 minutes of recording time. The HRV values and graphics can be displayed during the examination and evaluation. The view can be changed between the time and frequency representation.

Measurement / Interpretation
All relevant results of the automatic ECG measurement are documented in a clearly arranged from. Additionally an electronic ECG ruler for manual ECG measurement is available. The interpretation program provides diagnostic recommendations for children and adults.

Cardiax Screenshots

Technical Data*:
Cardiax USB versionCardiax WiFi version
Sampling rate32 kHz32 kHz
Input impedance> 10 MOhm> 10 MOhm
Accuracy0,05 μV/bit0,05 μV/bit
A/D Converter24 Bit24 Bit
Common mode rejection> 120 dB> 120 dB
Polarization voltage400 mV400 mV
Time constant1,6 Sec.1,6 Sec.
Linearity error< 0.5 %, < 1/2 LSB< 0.5 %, < 1/2 LSB
Filter524 Hz Low-pass (hardware)
50, 100, 200 Hz (adjustable)
60, 120 Hz (adjustable)
35 Hz Tremor filter (adjustable)
524 Hz Low-pass (hardware)
50, 100, 200 Hz (adjustable)
60, 120 Hz (adjustable)
35 Hz Tremor filter (adjustable)
Leads12 Standard
12 Standard
Connection to PCUSBWireless
Power supply+5 V (100 mA) via USB+3,7 V LiPoly Accu (2000 mAh)
+5 V (100 mA) via USB
ECG connection15-pol Standard15-pol Standard
LEDYellow LED flashing: USB connection
Yellow LED lit: ECG monitoring
Yellow LED flashing: USB connection
Yellow LED lit: ECG monitoring
Blue LED: WiFi connection
Green LED: Battery status
Button----Power button (touch button)
(Auto power off after 15 minutes of inactivity)
SafetyIEC 601, BF-Type
Safety Class II
USB galvanically isolated
IEC 601, BF-Type
Safety Class II
USB galvanically isolated
Defibrillation protectionDefibrillation protected
5 kV (max.1 kV/μsec)
Defibrillation protected
5 kV (max.1 kV/μsec)
Dimensions131 x 73 x 25 mm131 x 73 x 25 mm
Weight140 g160 g

*Technical modifications reserved!
DDC digital Diagnostic Center ® is a registered Trademark of MESA Medizintechnik GmbH.

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