CARDIAX OXI-M Bluetooth Pulsoximetrie-Kit


Oxygen saturation is an important parameter for detection of the aerobic towards the anaerobic phase during stress test, sports medicine and rehabilitation.
The CARDIAX OXI-M BT Kit provides the measurement of the oxygen saturation by use of earclip sensor for the differential diagnosis of the aerobic towards the anaerobic status as well as the respiratoric compensation treshold, out of which very often minimized limits of muscular efforts are the results. Beside the actual SpO2 values the Online pulsewave is viewed and stored within resting ECG, stress test intervals and recovery ECG. The Spo2 values are documented in the stress test protocol histograms correlated to Work (W), Heart Rate (HR) and Blood Pressure (BP). For operation of the CARDIAX OXI-M BT Kit the CARDIAX PC-ECG is required.



Display 12-channel ECG with pulse curve and oxygen saturation


Scope of delivery:

  • AM806B Finger pulse oximeter
  • AM806B wrist adapter with fixation tape
  • SpO2-Sensor (Adult)
  • OXI-M BT Software
  • USB-Bluetooth™ Dongle

Technical Data*:

Measurement range 35- 99% SpO2
Accuracy +/- 2% at 90-99%
Pulse frequency
Measurement range 30-250 bpm
Accuracy +/- 3 bpm
Display SpO2 & HR on pulse oximeter (resolution 1 5) an on PC-Monitor
Pulsewave PC-Monitor
Pulse tone / Alarm tone programmable by CARDIAX® Software
Signals Acoustic and visual signals
Power supply 2 pcs. AAA Alakaline batteries (3V DC)
Bluetooth Working Distance 5 m, Bluetooth™ V2.0
Sensor SpO2-Finger-Sensor (Rubber Softsensor)

*Subject to technical modifications!
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