Developed according to technically feasible aspects for outpatient use, the MOBILE MEDICAL CASE MMC-201 equipment case offers a new mobile system to enable occupational and mobile medical functional diagnostics with parallel data acquisition at any location.

By using innovative, digital medical technology with USB technology for basic occupational medical examinations or mobile medical issues such as ECG, spirometry and audiometry, the implementation of efficient diagnostics as a mobile solution is quickly and easily guaranteed.

A laptop with a size of up to 15″ can be placed on the intermediate bottom of the case. The laptop is fixed with Velcro fasteners and can also remain in the case during transport. The laptop power supply disappears into the bottom of the case and is powered by the case’s power supply. The connections for the integrated medical technology modules are also located here.

The CARDIAX (PC ECG), ProSpiro (PC spirometer) and ProAudio (PC audiometer) modules can be permanently mounted in the base. The devices are connected to the laptop via a USB hub and do not require their own power supply. This means that they can also be operated away from the mains using the laptop battery. All connections are led to the outside, so that it is not necessary to open the bottom of the case.

There is space for patient accessories in the case lid. When the case is fully equipped, these include a patient cable, suction and clamp electrodes for the ECG, a flow sensor, bacterial filters and mouthpieces for spirometry, and headphones and patient markers for audiometry. The accessories are secured by a flap to prevent them from falling out.

No direct access to the devices is required to operate them. All connections are easily accessible on the intermediate shelf. The entire control of the devices takes place via the laptop. In addition to mobile use, the integrated medical technology modules can also be used stationary in the practice network at any time with a MESA measuring station in the Digital Diagnostic Center.



Technische Daten:

Material Leichtmetall
Anschlüsse integrierter 4fach USB-Hub
3 im Boden / 1 Außen
Integrierte Geräte Cardiax PC-EKG (weitere Informationen)
ProSpiro WF (weitere Informationen)
ProAudio OS (weitere Informationen)
Geräte im Kofferboden montierbar ja nach Größe (max. 3 Stk.)
Laptophalterung bis 15″ integriert
Kofferdeckel Abnehmbar mit 3 Ablagefächern für Zubehör
Integrierter Netzanschluss 230 V Anschlussbuchse für Laptop-Netzteil
Versorgungsspannung 230V AC, 50/60Hz
Gewicht 5,6 kg ohne Geräte
Abmessungen (L x B x H) 40cm x 37cm x 23cm

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