Emergency ECG and ECG Monitor

PM 10 mini and Easy ECG PC-80B Handheld ECG Monitors are designed for receiving fast ECG results. With the PC-80B users can select different measurement modes as they like, up to 30s for easy mode for the PM10 mini and/or continuous mode for a long time measurement with the PC-80B are avalailable. The USB interface can fulfil the data transmission perfectly! The stored waveforms and analysis results help users do the review freely.

Technical Specifications:
PM10 miniEASY EKG PC-80B
Leads 1 channel by integrated electrodes 1 channel by integrated electrodes

Recording ECG channels
ECG cable

1 channel
1 channel
yes, 3-lead
Size1.77"57,5 x 40,0 mm
Electronical Features
Frequency range1 Hz - 20 Hz1 - 40 Hz
Sampling rate250 Hz20 mm/sec.+/- 10 %
Heart rate30 - 300 bpm30 – 240 bpm
Accuracy30 - 300bpm: +/-1bpm oder 1% 30 – 240 bpm +/- 2 bpm oder 2 %
Recording time (Monitoring)10, 15 oder 30 sec. Bis zu 10 Std. Recording time (Monitoring
Storage capacity99 EKG-Messungen 1.200 EKG-Messungen
ECG analysisinnerhalb 10 sek.innerhalb 10 sec.
EKG gain10 mm/mV5 mm/mV
Safety classBFB
Device data
Power supplyInterner aufladbarer Akku 3,7V 2 x AAA Alkaline Batterien
Operating currency530 mAh
PC-InterfaceUSBUSB / Wireless
Dimensions (L x B x H)100 x 45 x 15 mm125 x 70 x 21,5 mm
Weightca. 60 gca. 110 g

Brochures, User manual, Demo-Software