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The digital Diagnostic Center is a patient management software for the operating system Windows. GDT- and HL7-Interface are available.
All devices can be connected at USB to the PC.

Integrated modules of the digital Diagnostic Center:

  • PC-ECG Cardiax
  • PC-Ergospirometry PowerCube
  • PC-Spirometer ProSpiro WF
  • PC-Audiometer ProAudio Oscilla
  • PC-Holter-ECG Cardiospy
  • PC-Holter-Blood pressure Cardiospy
  • PC-Plethysmograph AngE
  • PC-Plethysmograph AngE Phlebo
More and more there is a trend towards digital - diagnostic and integrated solutions for the GPO (General Practitioner Office) and the clinical sector.
Since years for MESA the conception of computer based, integrable medical systems is one of the most important developments and targets.

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